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Dynatrace named global winner for best observability platform by Research in Action

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Research in Action (RIA), a leading independent research and consulting company based in Germany, recently named Dynatrace the global winner for best observability platform in its 2022 Vendor Selection Matrix™. The Vendor Selection Matrix™ is a survey of over 1,500 global IT decision-makers at companies generating over €250 million in revenue. RIA compiled the results to produce product rankings and key market insights, and Dynatrace stood out as the global leader in observability.

Analysts have named Dynatrace a leader in observability for more than a decade, and it’s a distinction we hold with great pride. Yet, I am particularly excited for this distinction because it comes from the users themselves. We have helped position them for success in 2022 and beyond.

Overall, the survey identified three key market trends affecting observability.

No. 1: Observability is more of an attribute than a process

Observability requires complete access to metrics, traces, and logs. Having siloed systems that only provide visibility into one or two of these sources won’t result in an effective observability strategy. This is a common challenge in many environments where customers struggle with siloed tools. Dynatrace helps enterprises overcome this obstacle with a single AI-powered observability platform to instantly deliver answers incorporating all telemetry data.

No. 2: The emergence of OpenTelemetry affects observability

OpenTelemetry is an open source standard for gathering observability signals, including metrics, traces, and logs. RIA’s survey found adoption is accelerating as companies standardize their telemetry collection processes. While OpenTelemetry helps with data collection, it still requires another solution like Dynatrace for actionable insights. Dynatrace is seeing the same trend and has embraced OpenTelemetry. As a top contributor to the project, Dynatrace provides robust support for the standard.

No. 3: Complexity requires observability

As companies modernize to microservices, the amount of telemetry data generated increases exponentially. According to RIA, this makes it very difficult to identify problems in these rapidly changing environments. The Dynatrace Software Intelligence platform was architected to solve the cloud complexity challenge and provides the scale, automation, and AI to deliver complete end-to-end observability for even the most complex environments.

Now, let’s look at the Vendor Selection Matrix and its analysis of observability solutions. Analyst Eveline Oehrlich measured vendors based on overall strategy and execution.

RIA chose Dynatrace as the No. 1 Global Winner with the top position in the “Market Leader” category. The position was based on Dynatrace’s strategy and ability to execute.

“Dynatrace’s automatic all-in-one approach and its deep and broad capabilities within its Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform provide IT enterprise organizations with excellent speed, efficiency, and simplicity in managing complex hybrid cloud environments,” the analyst wrote.

Digital transformation is being driven by the adoption of dynamic multicloud technologies that generate huge quantities of telemetry. Therefore, organizations need a radically different approach: modernizing with automatic and intelligent observability.

“If you need to manage your complex cloud environment with an all-in-one platform built on a unified data model with AI and automation at the core, Dynatrace is an excellent choice,” the RIA survey stated.



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