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Every day is Black Friday -

More success in ecommerce with Provice 

Can your system handle the challenges of the increased demand?

Box Delivery

Online shopping is the new norm

Hungarian ecommerce grew by 30%. The number of people buying basic goods online increased by 36%, in the last months due to the pandemic, and this growth is not expected to go down. (Nielsen)

Customer experience is key, don't compromise on it

As retail sites are growing more complex, businesses must balance this with the customer's demand for speed and availability:

  • Load time must be served in 3 seconds or less

  • Delays can result in 46% abandonment

  • 44% will voice frustration on social media if they have a poor experience

With the power in the hands of the user, a disappointing experience can be detrimental to your brand.

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Dynatrace provides full omni-channel insights for the best ecommerce stores

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Real-user monitoring


Analyze each customer's digital journey in real-time to optimize satisfaction.

  • Monitor real user experience

  • Problem resolution

Synthetic monitoring


Increase web application availability and performance SLAs globally.


  • Simulate customer journeys

  • Competitive benchmarking


Session replay

Session replay captures and visually replays the complete digital experience for every user across browsers, interfaces and devices.


for you to improve your eCommerce performance

 Here are 6 best practices you can implement today to modernize and improve customer experience.

Customer success story

With 150 years of history, Coop Danmark is typical of many retailers seeking to rapidly transform itself for the digital era.


Watch how Dynatrace AI bolstered Coop's mobile loyalty program.

Ready to see Dynatrace
in action?

Learn how Dynatrace can address your specific needs with a custom demo. One of our performance experts will walk you through our solutions and show you how to deliver great customer experiences, accelerate release cycles, and simplify operations.

Dynatrace is much more than just Digital Experience Monitoring

Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform

Read more about customer experience...

Online Shopping

Visually replay the complete digital journey with Session Replay


Online Class

Exceptional customer experience can be delivered even on the highest traffic days


Image by Ashkan Forouzani

Black Friday traffic exposes gaps in observability strategies


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