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Operational Agility in Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need to innovate at speed to optimize production lines and supply chains through modern digital capabilities. The faster and more efficient production forces them to use a more automated and scalable approach. 

Challenges in Modern Manufacturing

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Increased Complexity

Running hugely complex, mission-critical applications, including ERP, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, the technology environments have become increasingly distributed.

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Too Much Data

There is now simply too much data from too many different sources for manufacturing teams
to handle with the management and analytics solutions they’ve traditionally relied on.

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Strive for Automation

Manufacturers are no strangers to the benefits of automation across their production lines and other areas of their physical operations. Now, they urgently need to apply that same automated approach to IT operations and security.


Manufacturing CIOs

under pressure to do more with less

Blue Bubbles

in manufacturing say current observability data ingestion and storage approaches won't support their future needs.

of CIOs


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