Get to know:

  • why traditional monitoring is dead;

  • why bridging the gap between IT and the is business is important;

  • how autonomous IT will boost your innovation and business.

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Feel more like a firefighter than an IT professional?

  • struggling with super complex environments

  • you have dozens of IT monitoring tools and KPIs but still can’t measure your service level

  • missing the end-user perspective

  • moving to the cloud, but don't know how

IT strategy without a business strategy is useless.

Shared Service Centers have to take Business & IT alignment to the next level.

IT can act as a partner to the business in:

  • automating services

  • solving problems

  • processing and advancing the achievement of the business goals

Provice can show you how to do it smarter:

cost and quality efficiencies while simultaneously improving quality and customer experience.

Provice Introduces Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platorm

Application Performance Management

Infrastructure Monitoring


Digital Experience Management

Digital Business Analytics




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