Before we meet you in person, we would ask you to complete these few simple tasks.  So so we can get to know you a little better. And it will also make it easier for us to see where we could work with you.


1. Connect with Nellit Kertész - Provice Informatika – on LinkedIN with a personalized invitation message in Hungarian. In the message, try to convince Nelli why you are the best candidate for the Sales Support Specialist position.​

2. Once Nelli has confirmed, you can start with Task #2. Imagine you are the Sales Support Specialist on Provice and Nelli is an IT Operations Teamlead at a bank 😊 Send her an email to career@provice.eu in English. The goal is to pique her interest in Dynatrace and win a meeting where your colleague would demo Dynatrace to her. Base your reasonings on the information found in Dynatrace banking success stories (https://www.dynatrace.com/news/customers/).

3. Read this document and write two paragraphs about it in English for a brochure introduction. Make it clear what is the company, what the product is, and what the benefits are using it. Strive for business language and avoid sensational wordings. Keep in mind that it will be read primarily by CIOs who are less fevered by marketing messages and already know some basic info about Dynatrace. Send it in a pdf. format file to the above mentioned email address.

If you are all done with the tasks let Nelli know in a LinkedIN message.

Good luck! 😊